Earth Day 2016: Five simple things you can do to help the environment

Earth Day isn’t Earth Hour, so you don’t have to turn off your lights – but you can do these things to help the environment

This year’s Earth Day will see people around the world come together to campaign for the protection of the environment.

Environmentalists everywhere will be marking the day like usual, but this year’s Earth Day is going to be more important than ever, since it’ll see the signing of the Paris climate agreement.

One thing people won’t be doing, however, is turning their lights off for an hour. That’s Earth Hour, an entirely different awareness-raising event, which is organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), rather than the Earth Day Network.

The politicians signing the Paris Agreement at the UN headquarters in New York will be doing their bit, but what can you actually do to help the environment on Earth Day? Here’s some suggestions:

1. Finally start carrying a bag for life
2. Go veggie (or cut down on your meat consumption)
3. Get a bike
4. Start thinking more about your carbon footprint
5. Reuse your plastic bottles

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